A network

The Idea Monopoly is more than a company : it is a participatory network of consumers, inventors, designers, creative, manufacturing companies, marketers (mini-market research via consumer drivers, identification of new trends, differentiation, creation of new names, graphic design, positioning study, package design, business gifts, promotional items) and innovation (design and manufacture of new objects, rapid prototyping, intellectual property) at your disposal.

We rely in particular on an international network of 60 manufacturing companies (Asia, Europe) already working for 20 premium brands and having its own industrial design office.

We can handle all design and production aspects of a new object, also covering intellectual property rights issues.

We also advise you on a strategy for the protection of an idea generated internally in your company. We help you register copyrights to protect your marketing materials (packaging, manuals, contents of your website, fact sheets, kits, documentation, etc.) from your competition. We help you protect your company name and the brands of your products and services.

Every day, our network expands and adds new skills.

You want to be part of our network? You have a great idea? An unmet need? A special talent? An excess production capacity?

You'd just like to discuss your innovation projects? Contact us.

Idea Broker

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