Naming & Branding

Choose a name for your business or product Our Top 6 advice

• A name easy to remember

Test : A motorist crosses your lettered vehicle.

Will he be able to remember your name when he gets back home ?

• A name that describes your business and market niche

Pay attention to priming : no "ADN" company if you're not in biotech. Through a unique method we developed, we can check that your current call (name, visual, packaging, website layout, advertisement, etc) sticks with the perception of your product or service by the consumer.

• A name that is completely eligible for protection

Test: Is there already a registered trademark or a company name identical or

 similar to yours? Are the domain names ".be" and ".com" still available? For how long?

• An international name

Even if initially you start a local business, you never know...

• A pronounceable name with an unambiguous spelling

Hello, talking with the XYQOIDUFSI company !

• A unique name

Test: How many hits do you get for your name on the Internet?

Avoid these common names with 500,000 Web pages, or you will spend a fortune in SEO.

The Idea Monopoly offers the following services :

Creation of a unique, evocative and trendy name that is eligible for protection.

Benelux and European trademark registration

Creation of a visual identity and market positioning

Domain name registration

Contact us for more information !

On request, we send you our price list and our terms and conditions.

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