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THE IDEA MONOPOLY sprl, providing on-line information through the website :

Does not guarantee neither the accuracy, nor the completeness, nor the topicality of the information that can be found on-line or exchanged via this system ;

- Is not liable explicitly or implicitly for the content of the website, including without limitation their ability to be marketed or used for a given purpose, or the decisions or actions that could take a user on the basis of the information contained on its pages ;

Is not liable explicitly or implicitly for the use of the system ;

Will not be considered liable for any type of loss, damage, or responsibility resulting in any manner, and notably but not exclusively of :

the use of the services given or the informations provided by THE IDEA MONOPOLY;

Errors and omission in the information provided

defaults or interruptions in the provision of information, of services, or of complete or parts of information and services

the content of information and services ;

events out of control THE IDEA MONOPOLY , and notably case of force majeure, such as viruses and hackers that could damage the THE IDEA MONOPOLY website or its database, and this despite the THE IDEA MONOPOLY care and watchfulness in the implementation of its security policy.

Is not at all liable for :

the offers made on other websites linked to THE IDEA MONOPOLY website;

the content of other websites from which the user has been redirected to THE IDEA MONOPOLY website ;

consequences of actions inspired by other websites.

Furthermore, in any case will THE IDEA MONOPOLY considered liable of any consequence, decision or measure taken on the basis of an information deriving from services or information provided by THE IDEA MONOPOLY.


The user who consults the information contained in these webpages abjures to register any concerning the use of information at his disposal on the website


The user who consults the information contained in these pages pledges moreover to take responsibility for all the risks inherent in the use of the system (and to abjure to register anycomplaint against The Idea Monopoly) including the risk that computers, software or data are damaged by any virus which could be transmitted or activated via the system or by the fact that the user consulted the system.


The users of the site, if they decide to submit an unsatisfied need, a problem or an idea of new product or service, agree to be bound by the decisions of THE IDEA MONOPOLY. These decisions relate in particular to the acceptance or the refusal of the unsatisfied need, problem or idea, at the sole discretion of THE IDEA MONOPOLY. This relates also to the choice of the method of resale of the unsatisfied need, problem or idea to a manufacturing company / distributor (either sale as an individual idea or in licensing).


THE IDEA MONOPOLY commits to limit access to confidential information to its employees and subcontractors, under a general contractual confidentiality agreement about the information revealed to them by THE IDEA MONOPOLY and commits to have confidentiality agreements signed by any person having access to confidential information.

THE IDEA MONOPOLY however draws the attention to the fact that it could be led, in order to be able to evaluate the commercial potential of any idea of new product or service and/or to supplement information in its possession, to publish on its website information related to information considered to be confidential.

In particular, but not exclusively, the unsatisfied need(s) from which ideas of new products or services being follow submitted by the website users could be published on THE IDEA MONOPOLY website, in order notably to implement calls for pilot customers.

THE IDEA MONOPOLY confidentiality duties do not relate to information which:

belong to the public domain at the time of their transmission, or are successively known by the general public without fault of THE IDEA MONOPOLY :

were discovered or created by, or were in possession of THE IDEA MONOPOLY or its ideas contributors, its subcontractors, its prospective customers or customers before the transmission by the website users were obtained by THE IDEA MONOPOLY by legitimate means from other sources than the website usersare revealed by THE IDEA MONOPOLY with written consent of the website users.


Any litigation concerning this website and/or its content is subject to the rules of the Belgian law and is of the sole competence of the courts of the District of Namur, Belgium.


Any page of the website is subjected to the provisions which precede. These provisions supplement the provisions organizing access to the website. If there would be a contradiction between the provisions which precede and those which are included in the website, the provisions mentioned in the latter website would take precedence over the issues which are settled here.

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