Practical Guide to Creative Innovation (French)

The manager (business owner, senior manager in a company) often believes that innovation is not beyond their reach because it is necessarily technological means and implies R&D activities, patent drafting and filing, drafting and filing patents, and is therefore naturally expensive.

But innovation is crucial to the development and survival of the company...

The purpose of this book is to demystify the innovation process, which is not only for large companies, giving the keys to innovate simply, at low cost, thanks to the lessons of marketing.

"A clear writing, with examples, case studies and exercises to facilitate the reader's understanding and help him apply the concepts into his own approach to innovation!"

Target audience

The book is primarily intended for anyone in charge of the marketing of goods and services: business leader, business owner, executive, project leader (starter), inventor.

It is also aimed at evaluators of research and innovation projects (jury members of entrepreneurship contests or calls for proposals, public policy-makers, bankers makers), so that they can incorporate into their selection criteria non-technological innovation that create value-added and is a large pool of potential jobs and likely to reach out a very high number of companies.

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