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THE IDEA MONOPOLY gathers skills in marketing and intellectual property rights management. It offers a method to create and design new innovative products and services able to bring added value and excellence.

The company's mission is to act as an interface between three different types of customers:

Unsatisfied consumers who detect the disadvantages of a product and who intuitively discover the improvements that could be brought to it but are not willing neither to become inventors nor to start up a company;

Inventors or designers who traditionally encounter a lot of difficulties on the way from an idea to a product through a patent or model. They wish to benefit from their ideas via licences to manufacturing companies and do rarely wish to set up their own company;

People in charge in manufacturing or distribution companies sometimes not very familiar with innovation whereas it is urgent for them, in a globalised economy, to put on the market new products or new services with extra added value..


The originality of THE IDEA MONOPOLY copyrighted process relies on the fact that it starts from an unsatisfied need, rather than a top-down idea, to end up in a marketable product.

It is therefore a C to B (Consumer to Business) innovation system, that adds up to the traditional B to C innovation system.

We also offer tailored naming, branding, marketing and innovation solutions to our corporate clients.


rue du Brutia 24

5030 Gembloux (Belgium)

(by appointment only)

tel/fax :

+32 (0)81 61 47 49

Registration number BE 0888.135.562


Sophie Racquez (Founder, CEO)

"Ingénieur commercial et de gestion" FUCAM (1992), passionate about marketing, consumer behaviour and the world of ideas and inventions. Since 1994, she has worked as an Economic Development Officer. She has specialised in the study of economic activities creation and more specifically in the innovation process (from idea to product), added-value generation and differenciation based on other factors than price.

In her career she has met numerous inventors and companies. She is a particularly demanding consumer (grumpy young woman).

Sébastien Racquez (Founder)

Creative person, graduated in design and interior decoration from Saint-Luc Brussels (2003). He is passionate by the creation and design of new objects. When he is not glued to his drawing board, he modifies the objects that surround him.

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